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Neath the Pongas

Walking in the Kaimanwas on a winter’s afternoon wrapped up all warm against the cold, I found myself looking eagerly for the sunny spots where the sun managed to get through the trees. I was after any warmth possible. Here, ‘neath the Pongas, was a gorgeous sunny spot enveloping us in a kaleidoscope of colour. […]

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I think it is my personal favourite in the series. ‘Highlights’ is an acrylic painting on canvas applied with palette knife only. If you follow this link it will take you to see all the details… Let me know in the comment box below what you like about it.

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Palette Knife Paintings

You just get one go. No going back over it. No trying to fix this bit or change that. Just ONE go. Think it through…colours…order of colours on the knife…light, shadows, … Play it through in your mind Visualise the paint flowing off that knife One swish across the canvas and voilà! You’re done! That’s […]

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