Standing Tall

We’ve all done it… that moment at the bottom of tall trees as you crane your neck backwards searching for the top. I love it and have tried to capture that feeling in this painting. Does the painting make you feel that? Have a look here for more details.

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Bush Baby

I love the way nature looks after the weak and the young. These bush babies were found nestled among the roots of the magnificent Kahikatea on one of our walks in the Kaimanawa ranges. A few years from now and these young Lancewoods will in turn be giving shelter to other young trees. here’s the […]

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A trip to the White Pine Reserve in sunny Hawkes Bay, had us marveling at the beautifully bustressed kahikatea  trees. So solid and straight. The light coming through and enveloping the trunk of this one caught my attention. So many little spots of beauty in the bush. 🙂 Check out the link to see more […]

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