Sun-Filled Days of Summer

In between the storms rolling through you have to make the most of every sunny day. This week has been no exception. So, the dogs and I spent the afternoon at the beach on Lake Taupo, while the storm brewed further south. The wind was excellent at whipping up some waves that were pretty impressive […]

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Coming Up Roses

I’ve fallen off the bandwagon just a tad with my grateful drawings… not that you don’t already know that ­čśŤ I’ve still been making my daily lists of things I am grateful for but haven’t been putting the time into the drawing side…could claim too many other things but we all have a choice every […]

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Be My Valentine

Looking up from the closing prayer I saw her standing by the door…waiting for us to finish. With a dash of willpower and a big breath she moved forward… “Would you like to be my valentine?” she asked the first. “For me?!” came the surprised reply. They take the red rose extended. She moved to […]

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