Skype and Sunsets

Walking the beach to clear my head between studying and painting all day and classes for the evening still looming. That lovely dog as keen as ever to accompany me. Dadada…dadadah Dadada…dadadah A skype call on my phone. My parents want a quick chat and then he notices the background. And I realise again how […]

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Shifting Suns

Our many years living close to the Equator had taught us new sun patterns. Gone were the longer sunrise and twilight zones. It all happens in a matter of minutes up there catching many visitors out as they linger on thinking they still have time before nightfall. But, already three years back in our beloved […]

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God’s Goodnight

“A sunset, please.” “Any particular reason why?” I ask. “Every time I see one it feels like God is saying ‘Goodnight’.” Searching for sunsets I came across images from all the places we have lived during our travels. He chose the Raglan sunset…west coast of New Zealand not far from his birth place. You can take a […]

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