Pearl of Great Price

Well, actually, it was a diamond rather than a pearl. But it definitely had a great price to me and I was identifying with that woman in Matthew 13 who was distraught and hunting high and low for her pearl.

Those kids of ours had all joined together to give me a beautiful pair of diamond earrings. That set the sentimental value at priceless, right there!

Lying on the seat beside me was the backing…

My earlobe was empty…

And my heart was doing flip-flops and flutters. ..Know the feeling?

Mind racing as to where I had been? What had I been doing? When had I last noticed them? ( I’m not very diligent at changing them every day to match my outfit.)

So I began carefully retracing my steps.

That ear ring of great price is a very small object to locate in a very big area, not helped by dodgy eyesight.

Gotta say, though…when I found it on the bathroom floor I was elated.

It went straight to the top of my ‘grateful’ list for the day.

Very grateful for this gift  of great price that has been given again.

Lynda Symons ©2015

Lynda Symons ©2015

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