Out of my Comfort Zone

I knew she would love it.
Domain park in Auckland city.
Grand old trees, columned buildings, bit of family history with the site for Nanna & Poppa’s wedding photos at the Wintergardens.
Harbour views and out to Rangitoto Island.
Large open green lawns

She liked it.

But when she saw the bandstand with it’s canopy and rail, her eyes grew big and she clapped her hands in delight just like when she was little.
Scrambling out of the car she appeared to enjoy the acorns scattered on the ground, but really her intent was on getting us both to that bandstand.
Before I knew it I was being coerced into singing ‘Three Blind Mice’ with good posture, full lungs and perfect vowels.
My hands full of acorns just gathered and my heart full of enjoyment …and timidity. (Singing out loud in a public place is not quite my normal mode of operandom. ..definitely out of my comfort zone!) What gifts she has given me today!
This daughter with such a love for life and desire to enjoy it all.

Lynda Symons ©2015

Lynda Symons ©2015

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