Icicles Dripping Fun

Coming up last he spotted what we had all missed. A frozen moment in time hanging from a fallen log.

Icicles clinging.

Water suspended.

Colours reflecting transparent.

And the competition started.

Trying to get the angle, the light, the wonder of it captured forever.

Swapping places to see if we could do better than the other.

Concentration high, mouths tense with the willing, laughter ringing loud as we jostled each other for best photo.

Grateful for the camaraderie as we enjoyed nature’s gift here in the Kaimanawas.

Do you have someone you love spending time with? Laughing with? Fun competing with? Have you told them how much you love being with them? Leave a comment below if you do.

Lynda Symons ©2015

Lynda Symons ©2015

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