Sharing Susan’s Sheep

It was lambing time and Susan’s sheep are well worth a visit.

Being Pitt Island sheep they aren’t your normal run of the mill whiteys but rather, just a little quirky with dreds of black and brown. Susan likes quirky. I gotta say I like them too. They are interesting.

She takes her bucket of pallets in and they come scampering over for a treat. The food is just an extra as it is obvious that the treat is really having Susan scratch them behind the ear, give them a back rub, and talk kind words to each.

All the time she is attending to this pamper session her eye is checking out the new lambs, and the ewes still to give birth. We get a running commentary as she fills us in on the details, pointing each one out to us. By the time we leave the paddock we feel like we have just met a whole flock of new friends, especially when we are now getting sheep-nose nudges to help with the pampering.

Grateful for this opportunity to share her sheep. Grateful for the bounce of little lambs all energetic. Grateful for the acquaintance of new friends.

Thank you, Susan, for sharing.

Lynda Symons ©2015

Lynda Symons ©2015        Sadly, Boy is no longer with us. Susan has a strict ‘no if’s or butt’s’ policy and Boy crossed the line. Maybe another ram will take his place for the new season.

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