Treats in Store

I am terrible at remembering birthdays. It is not unheard of for me to have finally got the present in a rush and a flurry and then realised too late that I had no wrapping or card, The kids all laugh and tell stories of how Mum wraps presents in teatowels or dressing gowns. Once the present is unwrapped I quickly nick the ‘wrappings’ back.

Reminder messages had been sent to me from one child as another’s birthday was looming close. Could I manage to get myself organised?

A whole day in advance … yes, I made it!…I had gotten to the store and was perusing the card range when I remembered that these stores sell an art magazine I had previously enjoyed in Australia. Would the New Zealand version be as good? There’s only one way to find out and as I had made such a concerted effort to get to the store it seemed a good idea to treat myself to a cup of tea and a read on my return.

And I did have a card to purchase as well.

Grateful for the treat in store.

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