Video Fun!

Christmas break has been a fun time at our place.

You’ve gotta love the ‘Great New Zealand Shut-Down’!

Imagine a place where virtually the entire country shuts down and goes on holiday for a month over Christmas, New Year and on until school goes back after the Summer break. Pretty cool. huh?! Everyone enjoying the outdoors and the sunshine.

So, we’ve been enjoying all the kids at home…lots of laughs…lots of noise…

and that crazy suggestion that Mum should make a video of her ‘Grateful’ drawings!!!

“Make a Youtube Channel”, they said.

“Put it out there so people can watch”, they said.

“It’s awesome to watch people creating. You’ll be famous in no time!” they said.

Well, I am not too sure about the famous bit, but I did agree it was fun to watch someone paint or draw, so…

…without further ado…

let me know what you think? Did you enjoy it?

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