Just a Couple of Sunflowers

I love Sunflowers!

So, bright and happy, warm and carefree.

A perfect subject to do a series of studies exploring different ways to use graphite.

This first study is done with graphite and then pen and ink cross- hatched giving an elegant feel of simplicity. Clean lines and a contrasting palette of black and white complete the look. Very chic!

What kind of frame do you imagine it in? Comment below…I’d love to hear your ideas.

3 Comments on “Just a Couple of Sunflowers”

  1. Hi Lynda,
    I watch your posts with much joy – proud to be a friend of the incredible artist:)

    Your sunflowers are brilliant – my title would be “Sunflower Splendor”

    Well done my friend.

    – Gloria xo

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    • Thanks, Gloria. Yes, I too, have enjoyed the ‘Sunflower Session’. A wonderful use of the time when incapacitated with ruptured Achilles that need time to mend. Might find some more sunflowers coming along πŸ™‚


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