Stairway To Heaven

Mending Achilles and Cape Palliser are not two things that should automatically go together.

This stairway to Heaven has 250 nearly vertical steps leading to the lighthouse atop a rocky outpost at the southeastern corner of the North Island. New Zealand can boast some very rugged country and this is amongst it. Not hard to see why a lighthouse was needed… still is needed.

During the 19th century there were 20 ships that met a nasty end in and around the Cape. It’s a fascinating place to visit down at the end of the Wairarapa. Though the baby seals having a day in the sun was the best of all. I would travel back there tomorrow to sit and watch them again.

Having come this far it would have been a waste not to have climbed to the top though. Taking a big breath, setting my sights on the top and hanging onto the rail for support against the wind we were off on the stairway to Heaven.



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