Art Trail Taupo 2016

It’s been a while since I’ve been sharing my #Grateful posts on here with you all…apologies.

I have been busy doing my first Art Trail exhibition and I have been just a little consumed. (My family think that should read ‘just a LOT consumed’) It’s over now and I have resurfaced for a gulp of air before starting to prepare for the next one in just five more weeks.

On the experience scale, it was up there for me. Such a long time of anticipation and focus, especially as I was starting from scratch with no body of work behind me. Paintings planned and completed, sealing, framing, hanging, photography done, and then just when you thought you were almost finished came artist bio’s, price lists, painting blurbs, etc. The list seemed never ending. But with a wonderful family team we made it…PHEW!

I am telling myself that the next one for Taupo Winter Festival on July 16-17,should be much easier . Here’s hoping anyway 🙂

#Grateful for the whole experience of the Art Trail Taupo 2016, but delighted to be back and breathing.




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