Another Time and Place

Finally, we were here. The place of our destination.

The opportunity had been given to come and be the ‘Artist in Residence’ at the Alpine Motel Arthur’s Pass, and we had grabbed it with both hands.My darling dearest had suggested he take time off from his work and we make a holiday/road trip for two (ie. no children and animals, just Darby & Joan) What an offer!

For a couple of months we have planned our route and counted down the days. Now, at last, we were here. I needed to get to work and earn my keep. Instructions from Pete Neale had us out wandering the village and taking in the sights.

So much history in such a quaint place. It was fascinating reading signs and getting a feel for the place. Although the town is very tiny with only 30 residents, the buildings are mainly historical and thus protected. Many of them had me feeling like I had been caught in a time-warp and the Cobb & Co wagon was going to coming through the town at any moment bringing with it another group of hardy souls. I take my hat off to all the men and women who did this trip in or on the wagon now housed in the Arthur’s Pass National Park Information Centre. The thought of 14 people (the maximum number of passengers) crammed in and hanging on as a team of snorting horses careered you round mountain passes with steep gorges, snowstorms and across fast-flowing rivers is absolutely mind blowing. Such courage!

For today we got to walk and wonder. To admire the crooked chimneys and corrugated iron walls that protected from the elements. To walk back along the river edge and be thankful we didn’t have to shower and wash our clothes in that mountain stream. ‘How soft!’, you say? We turned towards our cosy cabin…thankful that we live in this time.




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