All Boxed In

No, we are NOT shifting again. Rather, it is that moment when you are all settled then decide you R.E.A.L.L.Y. need some thing from the storage.

In this case, it was art books for a class tomorrow night. I’ve wanted them before but managed to do without. Tonight, that hero of mine offered to enter the storage we affectionately call ‘the gray vortex’ and see if he could emerge unscathed with the boxes I wanted.

We were jumping up and down complaining of the cold, while he was sweating with the effort of moving all this ‘stuff’ to find the right boxes. The night air was a welcome relief for him.

So, my lounge room now looks like a cardboard maze, and in the next few days I will need to find homes for all these ‘friends’. We are definitely all boxed in. But, for tomorrow night’s class I am all  prepared and grateful to my darling dearest for his efforts.

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