An ‘Eeyore Weather’ Day

Week 5: HATEPE

Latitude: -38.856212

Longitude: 176.014326

I fell in love with the quaint cottages all grown topsy-turvy and nestled in close to each other with little lanes almost too narrow to drive down connecting them all. Once again we didn’t have enough time here to paint all I’d like to have a ‘go at’. I’ll have to pop back over the hill another day.



Found a great website telling the history of Hatepe. It describes it perfectly. Have a read here. They definitely got it right. Being the end of Autumn and a grey. blustery kind of day with lots of showers, we didn’t see the fishing, hiking, type activities. In fact, we saw only one fisherman returning from a romp up the river away from the blustery winds, and no one else at all. Wisely, they must have been all bunkered down inside keeping out of the weather’s way.

We were holed up in Claire’s van each painting the view from a different window and being thankful that the rain couldn’t get us. Memories are made this way. Despite the weather, I am really glad we made the effort to go. Out painting new sights with like-minded friends is a great way to spend an ‘Eeyore weather’ day. Much better than staying at home.



1 Comments on “An ‘Eeyore Weather’ Day”

  1. Hi Lynda,

    I love these pics you have painted – gorgeous.

    It was great to hear your voice the other night, and have a bit of a catchup – thanks so much for the call.

    I hope your head and body is feeling better after your fall. Take care young one – you’re too young for that kind of stuff eh.

    My sister-in-law (Sheryl) had a fall today, while she was cleaning for someone, she must have slipped on the bathroom floor and cracked her ribs on the bath when she fell down on it. So I have spent hours with her up at the A & E at the hospital. She was in a lot of pain. Poor poppet.

    Well take care,

    Love & Hugs




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