Hide and Seek

“10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, coming ready or not!” And so the hunt begins. This generations-old game of hiding and seeking.

When they are tiny the game is nothing more than covering one’s face with your hands, or hiding behind a blanket, Yet, we revel in their joyful gurgles of delight when we reveal ourselves, and play it over and over, just to hear their gorgeous squeals again.

They grow to hiding their faces with their whole back end hanging out in plain view but still we happily play the game repeatedly, playing in kind so we can be found. Their lack of sophistication is endearing.

A sense of self is developed and no longer do rear ends cutely hang out , but, rather, with cunning they hide cleverly out of sight behind a door or in the closet. A clever parent will never hide so well that they cannot be found, otherwise the seekers would eventually give up and not want to play anymore.

Our Heavenly Father wants to be found. In Isaiah 55:6, we are encouraged to “Seek the Lord while He may be found”. In James 4:8, we are reminded that if we come near to Him, He will come near to us. Yada, in the fourth dimension is drawing near to God for a face-to-face personal encounter.He wants us to find Him. He wants to play the game.

Many times in the Bible we are told to come into His presence with thanksgiving. Remember that the giving of ‘thanks’ comes from the root Hebrew word “yada (to know)”. Yada, level 1, is seek out and find the facts, When you come into His presence, start with your countdown, 10=Thankyou for… 9=thank you for… 8= thank you for…. I confess that sometimes I struggle to get to ten things. My life is reasonably repetitive and I don’t like to say the same things over and over. Too quickly it can loose it’s meaning and freshness if I repeat myself too often. I must search hard to find new things. Examine carefully my day. Sometimes this pressure to come up with new things has me stop and think about Him and why He is so good to me. It leads me to Yada, level 2, where I learn why He does these things. Who is He? As I give mental ascent to the WHY I find myself opening up to Level 3 where I begin to get personal and real with Him.

Often as we grow we learn a different form of ‘Hide and Seek”. We hide from others and we hide from ourselves, even to the point of loosing sight of who we actually are. Over the years, if I’ve got to level 3 and have opened myself up and been real, then I’d considered that enough, that I did well. Opening myself up would bring with it so much emotion that I was really unable to go further. But the more I have come to know myself, address my ‘issues’, and become comfortable with who I am, the more I am free to move forward into level 4. It’s like a marriage. You have to both KNOW yourselves before you can KNOW the other, or else one can easily become co- dependant (expecting the other to fix your issues or to be the fixer), or independant (where you refuse the depth of relationship) , rather than inter-dependant (both working as functioning individuals who give and take equally from the relationship). Even with God, we need to KNOW who we are and take responsibility for ourselves. We cannot expect Him to magically fix us. He doesn’t do the ‘Abracadabra wand’ thing to make us whole. Rather, I have found that He leads when WE ask. And we get the joy and self-love from having accomplished and changed into something we like and are proud of. Nor can we be independant of Him with success. We are hard-wired for relationship. We can try to be an island because it seems less painful or we are free to be more self-indulgent, but at the end of the day we loose big time. God wants real, equal, relationship. Face to face…Yada, level 4 knowing.

And so I make my grateful list of ten things every day. Searching out His daily reveals of Himself to me. Want to come with me into His presence?

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