What a Glorious Time Pt.2

The storm has passed and we are back at Thornton Beach. We’d packed up the day before so that we could leave early and get straight into it, but on arrival I had such a severe case of the munchies that, while my darling unpacked, I had the cooker out and cooked us up a storm fit for kings living in paradise. With that out of the way I was much better able to focus on art and I had a plan.

Going back to the same spot that I’d drawn from last weekend, I sat again, but this time with my brand spanking new pochade box and plein air brushes. A generous gift from my family. Not a lick of paint on them but I know that was not what the family intended. It was time to christen them.

My plan was to divide a canvas into four and do each scene from last weekend in a small oil vignette. Starting out small means I have to eliminate loads of detail. Big shapes only. The impression of. It’s more of a study allowing time to get colours right and determine light and shadows and is supposed to take approx 20 minutes each. With my darling, and very patient man taking the dogs for a two hour ramble up the beach, I was able to stay focused and really enjoy the process.

As a tip, Pizza boxes make very good places to put wet oil paintings while they dry. From experience I can tell you that wet paint throughout your car is NOT a good thing. So, the next morning we went in to Whakatane, approximately 15 minutes drive away, and indulged in pizza for lunch while purchasing some clean boxes for storing my paintings from this trip. A bench seat on the Whakatane River provided the next spot to draw from.

Once again I discover the same issue as last weekend of wrong perspective. That viewing deck is supposed to be much higher. It still wasn’t right after two goes so I made the very wise decision to turn the page and start over.

My confidence had taken a knock, so I nursed myself along by allowing pencil so I could erase if necessary and correct. Interestingly, once I had relieved that pressure I did it just fine and didn’t have to erase anything. I was actually really pleased, especially with the shading on the boats.

Feeling emotionally bouyant again, I tackled the back of the Whakatane main street shops. So many lovely angles butting up against each other and all nestled in the colourful cliffs rising close behind. No pencil now but straight into the ink and coloured pencil. Getting those impressions down on paper.

Two days done and, sadly, I had to say goodbye to my knight in shining armour. Someone has to pay the bills while I flounce around the countryside with paintbrushes in hand. I love sharing the experiences with him.Not only is he incredibly patient while I dither on about the light here and the colours there, but he’s my best friend. However, another art adventure awaits me tomorrow, so there’s no time for pinning. Until tomorrow then…

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