Yep, I was horrified when I looked back to see when my last blog post was.

September 2021!

Eeekkk! 6 months! Scary to see how much time has flown by.

Our world has been in a state of flux for some of that time with two kids coming home unexpectedly for a while between their adventures. Clearing out bedrooms to make space for all of their belongings to be added in. Even my precious studio has had the big rearrange so that son can have a space to continue working from home.

I now share my studio space with two VERRRY disciplined people. If I am being honest I would have to say that I stopped doing canvas work about the time of my last blog post due to sharing my space and not being very good at it. Although I like it tidy and organised, I do like to paint with music and noise humming away in the background. If the music grabs me you are just as likely to find me throwing down the brushes and picking up my viola for a play-a-long and dance session. ‘Whenever’ is a PERFECT time to get creative, whereas…

…I married my opposite , we produced another opposite and now both of those opposites have come to share my creative space. Don’t know if you can see any problem with that arrangement but from my perspective, it’s been a BIG challenge to learn to play nicely. Sometimes, I admit, I have just refused to play at all. Sometimes, I have thrown my toys out of the cot and let them know. Yes, you would be horrified! Eventually, though I have had to learn some hard truths about myself (like, I am who I am and He made me this way for a reason) and LEARN … yes, it’s a process which never ends … that I could be myself AND play nicely.

I am even having some thoughts float through my brain about learning from them. They are only with me for a season, right? Hubby will retire, son will move on to his next adventure, so for however long this season is, I might be able to learn a little of their diligence, discipline, and any other D-words that I have found daunting and distasteful in the past .

So, to that end, here I am again sharing my grateful drawings from this week (I have kept up diligently with those) and you may get some canvas work coming soon too. Just got to dust off the brushes and work on that discipline. So, adieu until next week …

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