Joy Sparkles

It’s not been a week of great events. Nothing out of the ordinary has really happened. Yet, I’ve found so much joy in seemingly insignificant things. The warm sun on my hand while driving. Autumn leaves swirling in the wind. The quiet.

In noticing it, I’ve begun to wonder if, when big events happen, our vision is overwhelmed by them and we miss out entirely on seeing the little things that colour our world. A bit like when an elephant is sitting on your lawn, you would be forgiven for not seeing the lawn daisies.

When the elephant is not there, you would be very normal to miss the elephant, wish the elephant was back, even pine for the wonder of the elephant. But in the process of having your mind consumed with the elephant you would be missing out on all the smaller, yet just as beautiful, joys. Like the wide open space or the daisies in the lawn.

Well, it’s been a week like that here. Space to breath a bit amidst the diaries activities. Less humans in the house for a few days. Time to just chill a bit. And in the quiet, which, in itself, is a HUGE joy in my books, I’ve found myself noticing all of these little things that have been real ‘stop you in your tracks’ moments with the wonder of them.

The wonder of the wind in the leaves kind of gets my insides all excited. It’s fascinating. And I am left with a ‘high’ almost, of joy sparkles. The light and warmth from the sun when it reaches my hand on a chilly morning. The kind deeds from those who didn’t have to but thought of helping you. Knowing that your boys and your darling dearest are having a wonderful time just enjoying each other’s company. Hearing that one of the highlights of their trip was buying a couple of pizza and going to the lake to skip stones together as the sun set.

These little things are often overlooked as things to be grateful for. But the gratitude and wonder for the smalls of life brings a world full of joy and sparkles that would be such a pity to miss out on. we are definitely richer for them. What are some of your favourite joy sparkles?

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