I haven’t stopped

It may have been ages since I have been posting on this platform, but, rest assured my need for being grateful has not diminished at all. In fact, with all the busy happenings in our world, I have actually been more reliant than ever on taking the time to fill out my ‘grateful list’ each day.

While all the activity that has had me running in circles has challenged my comfy day-to-day status quo, I have been pleasantly surprised at how I have coped amidst all the stress … not always my strong point … and I have put it down to Father’s grace and being more disciplined at actually putting my gratefulness down on paper. Well, pseudo paper. Daughter showed me her ‘Daylio’ app and I was hooked, paid the monies and installed it immediately on my phone. Talk about super easy. Can be filled in once a day or lots of small visits as the day unfolds, can be customised to suit each person and each of the departments in their lives, or help you track your way to better habits.

For me, it’s been a game-changer at helping me check in, not just every day but multiple times a day. Quickly.It’s kind of like a fancy star-chart. We know how motivating those can be for kids. Well, I guess this is a big kids version.

As one of its features there are templates that you can customise and fill in each day. Obviously, there is one for the ‘Things I am Grateful For”, but there is another called ‘Self Reflection’. Stopping to think about these questions, to stop in with myself for just a moment, has made all the difference. “What am I feeling right now?” What makes me hopeful? What makes me worried? What can I accept that I cannot Change? What does Father say about this? (My customised question as that is who I want to build my life around)

So amidst all the craziness and adventure, I’ve found myself remaining positive and focused. Able to concentrate on the good each day, address my emotions and not let those anxious little foxes in to steal my joy. No mean feat and for that I am very grateful!

Do you record your ‘grateful list’? Do you like to write it down on paper or do you have an app? Love to hear what you do… share in the comments.

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