Banana #1

Banana #1

Banana #2

Banana #2

Banana #3

Banana #3

Title: ‘Bananas’

Medium: Watercolour on 300gm Daler-Rowney Aquarelle paper

Dimensions: 90 x 140mm (x3)

Prints: (350gms matt art stock) $30 (set of 3)

Framed prints: (350gms matt art stock) $60

This set of three watercolours tells the story of the banana in everyone’s lunchbox. Growing our own bananas in north Queensland was a joy. Actually the tallest member of the grass family, it sprouts just one magnificent magenta flower which evolves down a long stem. Sticky juices bring lots of green ants that pollinate the male stamen. Each stem produces approximately 60 bananas ripening all at once. Have a few plants and you’d better get a freezer or start making banana cake, banana pie, banana ice-cream, banana smoothie,…

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