PawPaw #1

PawPaw #1

PawPaw #2

PawPaw #2

PawPaw #3

PawPaw #3

Title: ‘ PawPaw’

Medium: Watercolour on 300gm Daler-Rowney Aquarelle paper

Dimensions: 90 x 140mm (x3)

Prints: (350gms matt art stock) $30 (set of 3)

Framed prints: (350gms matt art stock) $60

A fruit that screams of the tropics with it’s luscious orange flesh and big leaves under the azure sky. Extremely high in vitamin C and so easy to grow it became a fast favourite, especially green pawpaw salad…Mmmmm! Just throw those seeds out the door and in no time at all lots of little seedlings would emerge with yet another crop on it’s way.

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