Pensive Dancer

Pensive Dancer

Pensive Dancer

Title: ‘Pensive Dancer’

Medium: Indian Ink wash on 300gsm watercolour paper

Dimensions: (wxh) 420 x 297mm

This little fellow was pensively waiting for his turn to dance with Uncle Seriat and the Kuraureg Dancers from Umagico.  The Laura Dance Festival was celebrating it’s 20th anniversary of dust, drums and dancing, but this was his first time to kick up the Laura red dirt with them. It’s a serious business to represent your people and tell their story through traditional dancing and so this painting has been done in solemn brown so as not to detract from the raw emotion embedded in those eyes of thoughtful contemplation.

Our work colleague, Jessica Saxton, was present and captured this special moment. I am very grateful that she graciously gave permission for me to paint from some of her photos.

Original: Private Collection

Giclée Print:Strictly limited edition of 75, numbered with Certificate of Authenticity

$255 (unframed)

$455 (framed)

Poster Print: $35

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