Post Natal Blue

Post Natal Blue

Post Natal Blue

Title: ‘Post  Natal Blue’

Medium: Oil on canvas

Dimensions: (wxh) 507 x 300mm

Assuming that this painting contained two adult birds and a miss-matched baby bird it was named ‘Post Natal Blue’. However, on doing some research after the painting had gone to it’s new home we discovered that these birds are FairyWrens from Australia. Interestingly, the smaller blue bird is the male and the brown larger wrens are the females. Making the painting even more accurate, we learned that they are monogamous with an open relationship allowing for sexual promiscuity. ‘Post natal Blue’ doesn’t seem to fit anymore…

Original: Private Collection in Tauranga, New Zealand

Giclée Print: $TBA

Poster Print: $49.50

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