The Gift of a Moment

I watch my friend as a mother of young children, pre-schoolers and a gorgeous new baby, post in her blog of her desire to be present, not wanting to waste any of these precious newborn days. She’s such a good-hearted mum and I love reading of her journey. You can read her story here. Only  a […]

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Drawing with Graphite

Drawing with Graphite is fun, easy and inexpensive…what’s not to love?! They are small enough that you can keep a set of pencils and paper in your handbag for all those little moments when you find yourself waiting for five minutes at the bus stop or for a meeting to begin. One tutor told of sketching […]

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Fulfilling my promise to draw them as a baby, I was not at all surprised that he chose this photo. Yes, these two have been bonded since the day they met…my darling dearest and son number one. He’s taller than his daddy now, but still proudly following in his footsteps. Embarking on the same career […]

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