The Gift of a Moment

I watch my friend as a mother of young children, pre-schoolers and a gorgeous new baby, post in her blog of her desire to be present, not wanting to waste any of these precious newborn days. She’s such a good-hearted mum and I love reading of her journey. You can read her story here.

Only  a couple of decades ago I was in her shoes welcoming the third baby into the family…a gorgeous big-eyed daughter, (a fairer version of Ahava),  whose smile just captivated our hearts and turned us all upside-down. It seems like just yesterday, yet, here she is home on her university break and wanting to spend time together.

Among all the things I still have to do (might not be scrubbing nappies and picking up toys anymore but the list doesn’t seem to have gotten any smaller) those kids still need me to sit still and just be in the moment with them. They want me to connect with their hearts. to listen to their stories, to laugh and have fun with them. To validate dreams and witness their venture into the big wide world.

That relationship is a gift to both of us. We were designed for community. Designed to belong. It doesn’t go away.

I put down the ‘stuff’ and pick up a pencil to enjoy her as she finishes the chapter in her book.

The gift of a moment




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