She Had it Covered

That daughter, she’s got a gift! An eye for design with the ability to perform on a very tight budget…’large family’ training coming to the fore right there 🙂 I tend to arrange what we have, rather than knowing how to make what we have better. So when she gave some ideas for making our […]

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Out of my Comfort Zone

I knew she would love it. Domain park in Auckland city. Grand old trees, columned buildings, bit of family history with the site for Nanna & Poppa’s wedding photos at the Wintergardens. Harbour views and out to Rangitoto Island. Large open green lawns She liked it. But when she saw the bandstand with it’s canopy […]

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Thankful Words

I received this yesterday. Such beautiful thankful words that blessed me all the way down to my l’il cotton socks. Thankful for these thankful words.   Grateful for tissues close by.

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