What If…

‘Let’s go out Plein Air painting’, he said. He was gently coercing me past my fears. What if I couldn’t do it justice? What if it just didn’t work? What if I was a fraud and couldn’t paint this scenery in all it’s majesty? What if…? What if…? What if…?I’ve heard the talks on not […]

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Canterbury Plains

What a fun night! Fire roaring keeping our faces all rosy pink even after we derobed our hats, scarfs, jackets, etc., at the door. Pete’s fabulous baking to nibble on between strokes. Arthur’s Pass Alpine Motel were wonderful hosts. Fi had everyone laughing and feeling welcome. Chatter flowing freely. Enthusiasm abounding as they all tried something […]

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Lake Lyndon

Snowmen abounding on the sides of the road and in paddocks. Cars stopped as families take a break from driving and create their own version of the much-loved figure. Sticks for arms, stones or carrots for noses, beautiful round heads some having toppled off already, And a very big sign in a paddock saying “Big […]

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