What If…

‘Let’s go out Plein Air painting’, he said.

He was gently coercing me past my fears.

What if I couldn’t do it justice?

What if it just didn’t work?

What if I was a fraud and couldn’t paint this scenery in all it’s majesty? What if…? What if…? What if…?I’ve heard the talks on not expecting perfection from myself. Giving myself room to be human. But sometimes the fear sneaks up and overtakes me. I find myself unable to move out of the paralysis that comes in it’s wake. This was one of those times.

My Darling Dearest recognized the signs.

Continually moving me forward in his firm but quiet way  he had the gear in the car and a thermos of hot tea to comfort against the cold. We ventured out.

‘What’s the worst that can happen?’, he asked gently.

How many times has he done this for me over the years? I’ve definitely lost count. Ah, but how grateful I am for this gift of reframing that he offers me.

Wondering around until I found a spot that inspired. Him lugging all my gear up the hill onto the railway tracks and then sauntering off as I began to commit paint to canvas. I was soon lost in the wonder of creating, and my Darling Dearest?… asleep on a pile of gravel warmed by the high Alpine sun. His mission accomplished 🙂





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