Too Deadly!

Too Deadly

Too Deadly

Title: ‘Too Deadly’

Medium: Indian Ink wash on 185gsm Arches paper

Dimensions: (wxh) 435 x 300mm

The term ‘Too deadly’ is used often in the NPA (Northern Peninsula Area of Cape York, Qld, Australia). It means ‘great job’ or ‘excellent work’, and it seemed to fit well with this painting. For me, this painting shows two aspects of these beautiful people…#1, their deadly ability with a spear enabling them to live off the land, and #2, this young dancer is helping to keep them connected with their ceremonial rites and traditions. Too deadly!

Original: $600 (unframed)

$800 (framed)

Giclée Print:  strictly limited editions of 20, numbered with Certificate of Authenticity.

$255 (unframed)

$455 (framed)

Poster Print: $35

(please contact us or email

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