New Beginnings

Dreams are a beautiful thing. Hidden away in our hearts they call to us… motivate us to greater heights. and i am grateful for this.

Although I wanted my dream I have to admit to being secretly pleased that it was just a dream and not reality…it wasn’t yet time. All those years that I carried that dream I was busy giving my time to homeschooling our five gifts. Homeschooling them was a joy and privilege but it was also a convenient escape.

What if I wasn’t any good at art?

What if nobody liked it?

What if..?

What if..?

What if…?

While it was still a dream there were no answers to those ‘what if’s’. Yet, I noticed them quietly sapping away the impetus and ‘happy’ from my possible reality.

No more, I say!

So, here’s to new beginnings. A place to share with you all the fun and excitement I intend to find finally doing art and reaching for my dream.

It’s going to be good!

IMG_2182 - Copy

Grateful for the gift offered to me to make my dream become a reality.

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