“Splish, Splash, He Was Taking A Bath…”

The sheer exuberance of a bird taking a bath is enough to have me smiling for days as I remember that moment.

little yellow feathers fluffed in anticipation, eagerly awaiting the event.

He nestles down into the clear coolness and wriggles his chest even deeper.

Wings flapping upwards for balance

Water flying everywhere with total abandonment. Who cares where it goes! It’ll dry and we are having such fun!

(The dog looks up with disgust as she gets showered with unexpected water.)

Back down the canary  goes for another round, and yet another until all those little fluffy feathers are hanging water-laden and plastered against his tiny body.

(Dog moves to the other side of the room.)

Elated and successful, in a single bound that bird is up on the perch and shaking them all free. From here he spends the next forever carefully preening each feather, and I am still sitting there entranced by his afternoon ablutions.

Delighted and grateful for this afternoon gift.

Lynda Symons ©2015

Lynda Symons ©2015

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