Trousers in a Cold Wind

That wind was biting hard this morning.

Dressed in woolen hat, scarf and gloves. Boots on with merino socks beneath. Padded jacket to cut out the wind over the top, and still i didn’t feel adequately dressed this morning.

I pulled the hat down a little lower trying to cover my ears.

Although the dog was as keen as ever for a walk, I wasn’t feeling quite so positive towards it this morning.

It seemed to be taking forever to get the blood pumping. Reality was it was probably taking no longer than usual, just it had to compensate for the wind that whistled right through your trousers.

Berating myself for not having put leggings on under my jeans , I turned the corner and saw two boys walking to school in…shorts!

Shorts in THIS southerly wind!!!!!

Hugging their school bags tight as barriers against the wind they walked quickly to their class. In their wake, I felt suddenly very thankful for the trousers I was wearing.

A new perspective just blew in…Grateful!

Lynda Symons ©2015

Lynda Symons ©2015

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