Thermos for Two

We were road-tripping again. Darby and Joan out on our own exploring. I’d packed a lunch with a thermos full of boiling water so we could make a cuppa along the way. Although the wind was pretty nippy, the sun was out with not a cloud in the sky at the White Pine Reserve in Awakeri, […]

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Always Thankful!

Don’t you just love those cold mornings when the dog takes a dump and you gotta pull off your gloves cause you are fighting with those wretched doggie bags that stay stuck together at the top not letting you in? Wind ripping through your trousers… had to do it on the top of a hill, […]

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Trousers in a Cold Wind

That wind was biting hard this morning. Dressed in woolen hat, scarf and gloves. Boots on with merino socks beneath. Padded jacket to cut out the wind over the top, and still i didn’t feel adequately dressed this morning. I pulled the hat down a little lower trying to cover my ears. Although the dog […]

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