Do you Enjoy the Weather?

What’s your favourite kind of weather? Are you a fun-n-the-sun kind of person, or a brave the elements and walk the blowing-a-gale kind?
The beauty of the tropics is waking up every morning knowing that a gorgeous day of cerulean blue skies and gentle breezes is your daily fare…unless it’s the wet season and you are privilege to constant grey skies and drenching rain. But, whichever way it goes, you know exactly where you are at. I like that.
Coming home to New Zealand was a shock. I had forgotten how changeable it could be and found myself often wishing the weather could just make up it’s mind!
Time has gone on…
The weather has not changed…it is still constantly changing here in NZ.
Instead, I have changed.
Although there is a beauty in the constant,I am enjoying the beauty in the changeable.
Variety galore. So many alternatives like little surprises just waiting to be savoured and enjoyed.
This morning the dog and I got to walk in the fog. Trees and roads with no sharp edges. Alluding to’s and mysteries. Muted tones with softer edges. A palette of gentle grays.

One blessing of the fog is that I can spot that dog easily in the fog. Her black coat contrasting well, as opposed to the dark of night when I have to use ears rather than eyes to keep track of wandering paws.
Grateful for the soft and subtle gift.this morning.
What weather did you wake up too?


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