A 2 Cup of Tea Chat

Every man’s worst nightmare starts right when she says “We need to talk”.

How many times have we all been there?!

Her all awash with emotion and JUST looking for an ear and a loving heart…well, most of the time, anyway.

Him with mind racing and adrenaline pumping. “What do I need to fix so that everything will be alright again?”

The intermingling of adrenaline and emotion is a recipe for disaster that we all know too well.

So, when I came and asked for a 2-cup-of-tea-chat, he was trying for all he was worth to stay out of ‘fix it’ mode. He’s heard me say that’s not what I want but automatic man-brain can struggle not to go there.

“Can you give me the headlines?”

“Sorry, not this time. Been processing for a while and just need to be able to tell my thoughts. If I start I won’t be able to stop, and we have people coming in an hour.”

Poor darling dearest! He nearly died right there. “Gonna be more than an hour! Been processing for a while! Oh, man!!!”

But he’s a gem!

Holding it together until the next day, he asked if now would be a good time and he got the affirmative.

On a cold and dreary morning outside, we stayed snuggled under the warm blankets, and he let me talk my thoughts through. He hardly even interjected! Wow, he’s getting good at this stuff!!!

Inevitable as the words tumbled out some tears came too. He offered me a shoulder and just held me till I had moved past.

When all was told he did have some really good ideas to ‘fix it’, which I really appreciated. Having waited until my emotion was gone allowed me to be open to these.

I am very grateful for this man and the relational lessons we have learnt together that make our life  so much better.

He blessed me today with a 2-cup-of-tea-chat.

Very grateful!

Lynda Symons ©2015

Lynda Symons ©2015

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