Always Thankful!

Don’t you just love those cold mornings when the dog takes a dump and you gotta pull off your gloves cause you are fighting with those wretched doggie bags that stay stuck together at the top not letting you in?

Wind ripping through your trousers… had to do it on the top of a hill, didn’t she?!

So, there I was this morning as Taupo reached a ‘beautiful’ -3° out walking the dog. Finally getting that bag open and bending down for the obligatory pick up with thoughts of gratitude running through my mind…NOT!

The pallet sign came to mind and so the challenge began to find something to be grateful for…

It wasn’t working for me.

And then,

my hand (enclosed in the plastic bag, of course) came in contact with the warmth of doggie doo freshly pooped. Ah, yes! Now that is something to be thankful for. A little bit of warmth can cheer the soul immensely. Though most of the warmth came as I chuckled to myself thinking about this blog.

Hope you are staying warm, people! 🙂

Always Thankful!

P.S. Apart from the exercise thing, I got some GREAT photos which made the whole trip worthwhile…lots to be thankful for!!!

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