The Blessing of Boots

On wet winter days I would come home  with feet soaked and cold from walks with the dog.She didn’t seem fazed but I wasn’t finding it too exciting.

My darling dearest woke up one Saturday morning and announced that we were going shopping for a new pair of tramping boots (hiking for those of other more demure cultures). I replied that it wasn’t on our budget list. He replied to me that we would just go have a look anyway!

I should have known that he had been talking to the big Fulla about it. We walked into the first shop to find a few pairs on sale. One of them just my size and a perfect fit at under half price. All my complaints were booted straight out the door 🙂

Now, the dog and I go walking, rain, hail or shine, and I come home with toasty warm feet… Even DRY feet!!! Thankfully, she still doesn’t care. Imagine having to buy boots for the dog as well!

Grateful for their team effort.

Lynda Symons©2015

Lynda Symons©2015

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