Smelling Divine!

I don’t think too often about God’s ability to smell. Do you?

But he must…

Otherwise  why do we have references to being a ‘soothing aroma’ to him?

Or a ‘stench in his nostrils’?

Some even say they have physically smelt the presence of God. I can’t claim that, but as I walked into the room I was delighted with the first Jonquils of the season filling the room with their aroma.

Treated to a long weekend away in the most beautiful of places… Ormlie Lodge…boutique accommodation in Hawkes Bay (they got that one right!). It really was beautiful! Fantastic staff…very friendly and nothing too much trouble… everything period and just gorgeous from the moment you entered the grounds till you drove back down that sweeping driveway. But for all the gold chairs, four poster beds and underfloor heating, those jonquils blessed me the most on our arrival.

I love beauty. It was a weekend feasting on it at every turn, but the little yellow Jonquils spreading their cheer in our room were just perfect for me. Thank you to the person who followed the ‘nudge’ and put them there cos throughout the rest of the lodge were dainty little vases of iceberg roses perfectly matching the decor. Someone knew I was coming 🙂

The say a little bit of the artist is translated into every painting. Well, I guess, God must smell great…even divine! And it showed in his creation on the dresser. Grateful for this gift…Jonquils smelling divine!

Lynda Symons ©2015

Lynda Symons ©2015

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