The Calling Card

Coming to, I was greeted with the sound of gentle dove coos.

Laying there with eyes still closed just listening and drinking in the moment.

I love doves.

My dad built me an aviary when I was a girl and I had four white turtle doves. The bobbing and cooing are all tied up in happy memories for me.

I had asked one of yesterday’s staff here at Ormlie Lodge, who had trained the doves playing in the fountain, but he assured me that no one had done so. Apparently, they just periodically appear in the grounds. They were picture perfect against the white lodge and manicured green lawns.

And here they where this morning greeting me. What a gift!

Creeping out of bed so as not to make a sound, and peeking round the curtains I was blessed with eight pure white doves doing the bob and coo whilst foraging for seeds in the bottom of the potplant outside our room. I watched for ages imbibing of the pleasure. Such a treat sent from heaven! I thanked him for the gift.

Later, I went outside on the balcony and found, to my delight, one  white unblemished feather. He had given me a calling card to remember it by…Grateful!

The next morning I awoke to silence and I admit to being disappointed. I was telling him how I really appreciated yesterday’s visit but would try not to be greedy wanting another. He replied telling me that his love for me was way bigger than one visit from a flock of turtle doves! Instantly I was overwhelmed with bobbing and cooing that far outweighed yesterday’s performance.


Lynda Symons ©2015

Lynda Symons ©2015

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