Plain and simple, I shouldn’t have done it!

But I did and now it was biting me in the butt…literally 😦

Visits to the best chiropractor around had helped but it still wasn’t playing ball enough to allow me to get home.

He had been suggesting it each day and i had been pushing the suggestion away. It hurt my pride. And when he told me how he had done it and how helpful  it was I hung onto my pride even tighter. I was 20 years younger. It couldn’t be my turn already.

But facts are facts and on the last morning I had to admit that there was no way I could manage it on my own two legs.

I called.

A wheelchair was ordered.

With a million apologies to the airline staff they took off at a trot telling me not to worry about a thing. They were as good as their word.

With an upgrade for ease and comfort, all baggage attended to for me, whipped through priority lines at customs and boarded first, and then the same reverse process at the other end right out to the car door I was impressed and convinced.

And grateful.

Grateful to have swallowed my pride.

Grateful for a service that made the impossible possible.

Thank you Air New Zealand.

Lynda Symons ©2015

Lynda Symons ©2015

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