Kereru and Wood Pigeons

Yes, the Maori name for New Zealand’s native Wood Pigeon is ‘Kereru’. This may seem like double the trouble to write, but we were seeing double that day.

Not one, but two big fat Kereru no more than a metre above.

Feeding as if there was no tomorrow, even though their rather rotund undercarriage suggested they could cope with no food for a day or two. In this lovely little quiet by Lake Tutira in the sunny Hawkes Bay,  they were doing very well for themselves  and today was no exception.

My darling Dearest had his camera out and was able to get right up close…lots of photos to be had. The purples and greens of their back feathers showing up well in the late afternoon light. The white feathers cradling their burgeoning bellies.

I leaned against the car and watched his pleasure abounding. His elation at being able to get so close was infectious. For more than half an hour they happily kept on feeding and paid him no mind. Not until a Tui came flying in and aroused them from their reverie. With a zip and a zap the Tui was gone followed by the heavy wingbeats of two VERY fat Wood Pigeons lifting their cargo  to another tree further off.

What a treat!

Not sure if I am more grateful for the Kereru  or watching my darling Dearest get so much pleasure… maybe it’s just a day for double troubles.

Doubly grateful!

Lynda Symons©2015

Lynda Symons©2015

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