Painted Toes

Everywhere around about the South Waikato region there are large areas of Pine being harvested. The land is then cleared with roots and scrub being swept into piles and burnt off before being replanted or turned into lush dairy farms. I don’t know much about the harvesting of Pine trees, but it must be in the air at the moment.

This sunshine-filled afternoon had us out in the sun with trousers rolled up. This baring all revealed the winter growth usually kept hidden beneath warm layers now discarded. Yewh! Not a good look! So, she brought out the basins, towels and fresh razors. It was de-forestation time for us, too.

The gentle bending up and down was a great stretch for my sore back but after two legs of bending I had had enough. The toes with nail polish all chipped and worn would have to wait for another day.

As I moisturised freshly shaven legs carefully, she folded up the towel and laid it across her knee. One at a time she cleaned and painted each of my toes. I was very grateful for her kindness. She had them looking lovely.

Each morning since then as I put on my socks I have admired them but today I was smiling again at her gift. At the beach, shoes gone and toes bared to the gently exfoliating sand, I looked down and was grateful all over again. No having to tell myself not to worry today. I was sporting freshly painted toes.

Thanks, precious girl!

Lynda Symons ©2015

Lynda Symons ©2015

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