Touches of Rosemary

When your 24 year old son offers to cook you a roast, you accept.

All afternoon we had been smelling those scrumptious odours…tantalizing!

He even made the gravy himself using all the juices from the bottom of the pan…Mama taught him good!

The call went out that dinner was ready and we were all scurrying quickly towards the table…eager.

Pouring the gravy I noticed that my wonderful son had been out in the garden and picked rosemary to garnish his roast. The odd leaf had found it’s way into the delicious brown sauce. I love roasts done with herbs.

Grateful for the extra little touches of rosemary.

Thank you, Son, for a perfect Sunday roast.

Lynda Symons ©2015

Lynda Symons ©2015

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