The 2015 Active Arts Taupo’s 50th Annual Exhibition opened on Friday amidst lots of gold glitter and celebrations. Celebrating not only another year but 50 great years encouraging creativity here in Taupo, New Zealand. During the course of the evening the winners of each division were honoured for their work.

I was honoured for my entry “Gateway to the Mountains” in the painting division.

“Gateway to the Mountains” is a  vista found whilst walking that lovely dog around the lake shore. I decided to have a go at acrylic on canvas applied with a palette knife only.

I had spent quite a few frustrating hours holding paint up to the open sky trying to get the colours just right.

Or time on multiple occasions spent debating the hues of the lake with a friend as we walked. (I’m surprised she still talks to me…I kept on about it so!)

Grumbling to my ever-patient son when the ‘blasted lake’ kept giving me curry.

Gotta say I am glad I persevered.

And as if that honour wasn’t enough someone doubled, no tripled, the honour by not only purchasing it  but being the the first off the block once sales opened.

May they have many years of enjoyment from it.

#Grateful for the honour.
Gateway to the Mountains







gateway to the Mountains 2






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