Having paid the bill, we were getting ready to leave the supermarket, …

Him pushing the trolley of goodies for our weekend away…

Me folding up the receipt into my pocket and putting cards away…

Suddenly I dived off yelling that I would catch him up.

My poor darling dearest is used to this bizarre behaviour, so after looking at me quizzically he carried on with a shrug of his shoulders to begin packing the groceries into the car.

Those beautiful sunflowers had caught my eye and I saw paintings galore suddenly dancing before my eyes. Grabbing a few stems and rushing round the aisles back to the cashier, I was done in a flash and out to join him for the trip home.

Delighted with my purchase.

I have drawn them a few different ways already becoming more and more acquainted with their smallest details.

Grateful for these sunny spots of beauty.

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