Kindness Just Blew In

Strong winds, rain and more wind…

But we went away anyway.

Eager as a beaver we were down to the beach with the dog leading the way, excitement oozing out of her.

Zipping the jacket right up to the chin, we braced ourselves against the elements and off we went. It was easy one way, but you know what that means for the opposite…she was hard yakka!

Actually I was really enjoying the hard walk into the wind, but apparently, my Achilles was not so keen. I woke the next morning to a swollen lump and very sore calves. So much for a long weekend walking the beach 😦

And what to do with a dog who lives for long walks on the beach…or anywhere for that matter?

Those fantastic kids of ours were over like a shot. Thought they’d pop in and spend time with their Grandparents on the way, and then cook dinner for us as well. After taking Le Pooch for one very long run on the beach, they turned around and took her home.

I am so very blessed. They are kindness personified.

One grateful Mama!


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