A Hare’s Whisker

You may well be asking yourself how a hare’s whisker even comes into my world, let alone be something I am grateful for. And I concur with you on that.

In fact, I had to go look it up to make sure I wasn’t just having weird and odd phrases rolling around in my head. Turns out I was kind of right and kind of wrong… technically, it should have been ‘a hair’s breadth’.


a hare’s whisker turns out to be one of the many ways this phrase has evolved and in this case is quite correct … at least, I think so.

After examining my leg, the doctor told me I had come extremely close to snapping my Achilles. As part of the path forward in order to not let this happen I was given a set of instructions including being very careful about where I place my feet. He was emphatic that I was no longer able to go ‘rabbit hunting’ with the dog. 😦

I am EXTREMELY grateful to have not snapped it. But as you can see, it would seem, I, almost literally, came within a hare’s whisker of a very unfortunate demise.

Very grateful!



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