Cygnets and Swans

I was enthralled!

I love birds.

What’s not to love?

We had been walking with the swans and their three cygnets along the water front. Lots of people had been coming and going passed us, but we, having to walk slow for the nursing of my leg injuries, were enjoying the swan family at their pace.

Without knowing what was happening we were very aware that suddenly Mr. and Mrs. S. were suddenly upping the pace, moving their darlings along, and making lots of eager noises. They had spotted him.

Coming up from behind us an elderly gentleman came briskly past and down to the lake’s edge. They knew what was in store and they liked very much. He talked lovingly to them and they eagerly took his treats.

Every day he says he comes and keeps an eye on them. His love for them is apparent as he tells us what good parents these two are, and how many other families of swans are along the waterfront, and how old each of the youngsters are.

What a treat we had as well.

Grateful for these unexpected moments of kindness.

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